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Bill Bowerman
Greg Meyer
One of the fastest marathon men in America, Greg set 10 American Road Racing records and two world records. Named Distance Runner of the Year, his accomplishments in the sport extended off the field, as demonstrated by his efforts as a founding member of the A.R.R.A.

Greg was the best American man to win the Boston Marathon.
Meyer ran 2:09.00 in the Boston Marathon in 1983. He held the American record for the10 mile and was a sub 4-minute miler. Last American Male to win the Boston Marathon. Meyer Often in the shadow of his close friend Bill Rodgers. Meyer’ top-level performances deserves recognition. He set ten American Road racing records at the following distances: 8K, 10K, 15K, 25K, Ten Mile. Set Two World Records in the 15K (Gasparilla 15K, Tampa, Fl.) and the Ten Mile (cherry Blossom 10 Mile, Wash. D.C) Some of Meyer’s other accomplishments include United States Male Distance Runner of the Year 1983, nominated for the Sullivan Award (America’s highest amateur award) 1983, inducted into the following Halls of Fame ESPN Road Racing, Road Runners Club of American and Grand Rapids Sports. He also had victories at the following major races Detroit Marathon (1980), Chicago Marathon (1982), Boston Marathon (1983), Cascade Run Off (1980), Cherry Blossom (1983), 25K River Bank Run (seven times), National Cross Country Champion (1978). Meyer was one of the founding members of A.R.R.A, which was the first athletic union of road racing athletes. In the early 1980’s helped fight and win the right to earn prize money, starting with the Cascade Run off in 1980. After many of us were banned from running T.A.C. events (now USAT&F) due to the “contamination rule” dealing with professionalism, T.A.C. instituted the TAC Trust system, which eventual lead to open competition and the prize money the athletes today enjoy…not to mention an open Olympics.


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