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About The Hall
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Every sport has a place where legends are honored, where memorabilia brings forth feelings of nostalgia and where sports' greatest stories can be told and retold.

  On July 11, 1998, a hall of fame was established to honor the sport of distance running. The National Distance Running Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring the athletes who have made contributions to the sport of distance running, contributions that have brought distance running fame and recognition. From the sport's top runners and most decorated athletes to those who pushed the sport's barriers and eventually broke them, the Hall of Fame honors their talents, initiative and drive.

The only sport that is all inclusive, distance running can be enjoyed by everyone from the amateur to the professional. It is inexpensive and can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime. Running changes people's lives. Within the Hall, visitors will find the history of distance running shown through both the eyes of the runner and spectator. Pictures, memorabilia and awards decorate the exhibit rooms and pull the visitor into the runner's world, a place often inhabited by the runner who alone challenges and pushes the human spirit. The Hall of Fame celebrates the sport's greatest moments and bestows the highest honor on outstanding athletes in the sport - induction into the Hall of Fame.

Why Utica? Utica, N.Y. is the home of The Boilermaker 15K Road Race, the largest 15K in the nation with nearly 10,000 runners. Though located in a small city, The Boilermaker consistently ranks as one of Runner's World's Top 100 Races. The community's widespread support, with 4,000 volunteers and over 30,000 spectators, has garnered the Runner's World Community Spirit Award. The Hall serves as a clearinghouse for information on the sport of distance running. The Hall encourages races to submit applications and race results. The Hall also welcomes writings about the sport, photography and memorabilia.


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